The Wax Bench is a full service ski and snowboard tuning business.  This means we perform a wide variety of services including repair, maintenance, testing and equipment finishing.  These services are provided to the public as well as businesses within the ski industry.

Service List

Repair & Maintenance

  • Waxing: Basic machine waxing, hand waxing and race prep waxing.

  • Grinding: Basic belt sanding thru to performance stone finishing.

  • Edge Sharpening: Basic belt sanding, hand sharpening and ceramic edge finishing.

  • Base Repair: Welding of scratches/core shots and base patching of major damage.

  • Delaminations: Heated epoxy repair for base, sidewall, edge and topsheet delams.

  • Edge Repair: Replacement of damaged edge sections.

  • Ski Bindings: Adjusting, mounting, remounting and helicoil repairs.


  • Parameter Checks: Assessment of installed edge angles, base flatness and edge detune.

  • Ski Bindings: Calibration testing of binding release and function check.

Equipment Finishing

The Wax Bench regularly finishes newly produced skis and snowboards for local manufacturers and home builders.  This involves grinding product flat and sharpening edges to desired angles to create a factory finish.  We are proud to provide this service for Big Bend Skis and Trapper Snowboards.

Fleet Maintenance

We offer customized rental fleet maintenance to cat and heli ski operators.  This takes the form of mounting rental bindings, repairing equipment and calibration testing of ski bindings for insurance purposes.

Quiver Killer Inserts

We offer Quiver Killer inserts, screw and installation for the cheapest price in Revelstoke. For more information about what bindings screws we stock and pricing click here.