Kid's Skis

elan_ripstick_86_t copy.jpg

Elan Ripstick 86

Let The Kids Rip Around The Whole Mountain With These Lightweight But Stable Skis that will charge on groomers, powder and trees.

Sizes 138 148 158

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Supershape Team R

The Supershape Team SLR II starter kit delivers fun smooth progression to kids at the beginning of their ski journey. With a durable Structured Surface topsheet, tough easy gliding E Base Black, sharp looks and loads of scope for progression this ski is the ideal launch pad for a kid’s passion for skiing.

Sizes 67 77 87 97 107 117 127 137

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Head Souphead

The Souphead SLR II is a fun pocket rocker for kids who are out to enjoy the mountain. A Twintip Construction means that it can be ridden which ever way a kid finds the funnest, while a Structured top and tough base make it last out the abuse only a junior skier can throw at it.

Sizes: 87 97 107 117 127 137

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Head Monster

The Monster SLR II is a mini-me allride fun machine for kids that want to rock out as hard as their heroes. With plenty of gas in the pedal, great turn initiation, the control and float of our 80% camber, 20% rocker profile and our special design and performance combination of ERA 2.0 this mini-whip can shred the entire hill.

Sizes: 67 77

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