Can I Change My Skis For A Different Pair?

Yes! If conditions change on the hill (Big Powder Day) or if you are not to sure about the ski you took out we will exchange it for some more appropriate free of charge. Please note that this is subject to availability of our other skis.

Can I Pick Up Gear The Night Before?

Yes! If you booking online just give us a note on when you will be coming and we will make sure to have your equipment ready for you.

I Don’t Know What Skis Are Best For Me

Thats fine, simply send an email to bookings@thewaxbench.com with your age, height, skiing ability and what you tend to ski and our team will give you a recommendation within in a day.

Your Questions not Answered? Send us an email at bookings@thewaxbench.com and will give you an answer within a day.