Quiver Killer

Quiver Killer Binding Inserts Give You The Freedom To Mount Your Bindings To Multiple Pairs Of Skis Or Swap Multiple Bindings On One Pair Of Skis. The Wax Bench Offers The Cheapest Quiver Killer Inserts And Installs In Revelstoke BC. We Also Offer Repairs For Damaged Inserts & We Have Screws For Almost Every Binding On The Market.


Inserts - $3.49 Each

Rescue Inserts $7.49 Each

Vibra-Tite $14.95 Each

Screw Set $22.50 With Install

Screw Set $29.99 Without Install

1st Install $120 Including Inserts

2nd Install $99 Including Inserts

Got A Question?

Please send an email to info@thewaxbench.com Or visit Quiver Killers website here